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About the Blog

About me

Writer, Runner, Triathlete.

I’m Julia, and I’m a passionate runner, cyclist, and triathlete. To me, exercise and writing go perfectly hand-in-hand. Exercise makes me think, and writing brings my thoughts to life.  

About the Blog

That's what I write about.

I knew I wanted to be a writer from the day I learned how to hold a pen. But with Beyond Limits, I’m combining my passion for writing with my passion for endurance sports.  

After going through three bone injuries in two years, it finally dawned on me that I had been in an energy deficiency for years. To spare you from making the same experiences, I want to raise awareness about RED-S. 

From triathlon to cycling to cross-country skiing, I love pretty much all endurance sports. With Beyond Limits, I want to share my passion for the outdoors with my readers. 

Food plays an important role in keeping an athlete healthy. I didn’t always do the best job at fueling myself, so here are some healthy but delicious recipes coming your way.



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