The Best Aqua Jogging Workouts With Music

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The Best Aqua Jogging Workouts with Music

If you want to give aquajogging a try, I’d recommend you buy a waterproof (or splash-proof) earphone set for three reasons:

  • It will make time pass about ten times faster while you’re in the pool.
  • You won’t need to use your watch to time intervals.
  • And going at a high intensity is a lot easier when you can just imitate the music’s rhythm. 

Here’s some inspiration for aquajogging workouts with music. But be warned: There’s some weird music coming your way!

Intense Workouts

Just klick on the images to get to the Spotify playlist! 

The Pyramid Workout

The hardest part when making this playlist was finding songs that are under two minutes long. That’s why some of these songs in this playlist really top the charts for the weirdest music out there. My personal favorite is “Waiting for My Cappuccino” by Dan Reeder. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t heard it yet! (I’d love to hear your interpretation of the lyrics!)

Duration: 1h15min 

Main Set: 1-5min hard, increasing by 30s with each repeat; 30s rest 

Intensity: 4/5

30s Fartlek

This one is a 14x2min in which the two minute sets consist of four thirty-second songs. Let me tell you: You probably won’t ever want to hear those four songs again when you’re done with the workout 🙂 

Duration: 53min 

Main Set: 14x 2min (30s sprint, 30s medium, 30s sprint, 30s medium)  

Intensity: 4/5

"Oh Hack" Workout

This playlist is based around the song “HACK” by Shuta Sueyoshi and Wonder Hack. Trust me when I’m saying that this song will turn your legs into jello at the end of the workout! I love and hate this song at the same time because it makes you feel like it’s about to end when it’s actually just taking a break before returning even faster. At least it makes a good workout!

Duration: 47min 

Main Set: 6x3min 

Intensity: 4/5

3min Fartlek

In this playlist, you’ll get to hear fast and slow songs alternatingly for about three to four minutes each. This workout is not as intense as the others, so it makes a great recovery workout. 

Duration: 1h  

Intensity: 2.5/5

Shuffle Play Workouts

Just hit the shuffle play button and let Spotify decide how hard your workout is going to be!  

International Songs

This is a wild mix featuring songs in any language except for English. Give it a try if you’re up for songs in Gaelic, French, or Vietnamese! 

Japanese Songs

This playlist is a mix of Japanese songs that either can be calm & slow or loud & fast. Japanese music has somewhat become my favorite for aqua jogging. 

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